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e.lens, Inc.

WinVoice Development, a subsidary of Tom Yancy & Associates, Inc., was founded in Tulsa, OK in 1993 specializing in dental and optical softwares.

1994 brought the PECOS catalog ordering and inventory system for DOS.

In 1995, WinVoice Development released their first product for Windows. The WinVoice accounts receivable software for dental labs created a big splash amongst the community.

1997 brought a revamping of the dental products as the new easy to use Junior dental software was released. This product solidified the WinVoice teams detication to making software simple to use.

1999 saw the release of the e.lens series of remote tracers. Using standard flatbed computer scanners, these devices made it practical and affordable to place a lens tracer in every practice. The software had automatic updating capabilities allowing it to always keep up to date with the latest lens trends and to very quickly release patches and enhancements to the software.

In 2000, online job ordering and tracking was introduced.

In 2001 WinVoice Development released its first commercial site designed specifically for the optical industry. introduced job based bidding to the ECP community.

In 2003 was developed for members of the Global Optics buying group to handle finished lens ordering and billing.

2004 brings about the release of WinVoice Developments newest product, e.lens Drill. A ground up new software using the latest in Microsoft .NET technology. This masterpiece of software and hardware engineering promises to take drilled jobs to the next level of speed and quality.

November 2005 introduced the totally revised e.lens drill website, including online ordering of our many new products.

In 20??, look forward to many more innovations from WinVoice Development.

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