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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a true 4th axis better than a fixed tilt table? Yes. To achieve the best fit on a lens, any hole or line must be made perpendicular to the front face of a lens. Systems that don't know the base curve of the lens or only tilt the lens at a preset angle can only rarely be exactly perpendicular. e.lens drill measures how far from the center of the lens you are wanting to drill, then with the entered base curve, uses mathematics to caculate the exact rotation needed to produce the perfect drill.
How often must I preform a calibration? Before every job, e.lens drill will home all of its motors and sensors to make sure that each job is done consistantly. The only times you'll need to preform calibration would be when replacing worn drill bits, damaged probes, or replacing any mechanical parts. With normal drill operation it may be necessary to recalibrate every 30 to 60 days.
Does air cooling help cut poly and other soft materials? The materials used in the optical industry are all insulators. Blowing cold air on a lens will not cool down the location that is being heated (where the drill tip is). The other option is to blow cool air on the drill bit itself, which, again, will not help to disipate heat from the drill tip where its actually hot and embedded in the insulated lens. A combination of air and peck drilling allows less heat and material build up by keeping the amount of continuous drilling to a minimum and blowing away the small shavings that are the result of drilling.
What are the prices of the different models? Please call 800-665-0091 for up-to-the-minute pricing and specials.
Are there any "add-ons" available? Yes. If you purchase an E40 or E60 and wish to upgrade to the features of a higher model number. Call sales at 800-665-0091 and you can purchase an upgrade to the software that can be preformed over the phone if you are in front of the e.lens drill computer.
Can I backup to CD? e.lens Drill automatically backs up your information daily and keeps the last five days of backups. You can burn one of these backups to CD by using the "Copy backup to CD" option under the Restore option at the top of the software.
What lab softwares is e.lens drill compatible with?

The Focused Solution
for Lab Management

LMS Compatible



We use the OMA protocol, or have a "fall back" method of emulating other, older, devices.

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