e.lens Drill Features
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* Interfaces with all laboratory host software (ViStar, DVI, Optifacts, CC Systems, etc). You can even call up a new job while an existing job is drilling.
* Software designed using Microsoft .NET technology complete with configurable user security profiles and automatic log file creation.
* True 4-axis controlled drilling for precise angle drilling based upon the TRUE base curve of the lens being drilled as reported by the host computer system. This drastically reduces operator input and spoilage.
* Visual lens mapping complete with your exclusive e.lens Lens Morphing Technology.
* Easy one-handed lens-clamping assembly.
* Software automcaically downloads new software updates, frame data, and backs up data files.
* Software can manage up to 4 drills simultaneously.
* Can be bundled with patented e.lens Remote Tracing scanner, allowing the elimination of doctor/office supplied penciled lens tracings.
* Very fast drilling: accurately drill a pair of lenses with 6 holes in less than 2 minutes.
* Three models available, allowing the purchaser to tailor his/her purchase price based upon selected options.

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