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Backing Up Old Computer to CD

When the e.lens drill software first starts up on a day, it creates a backup of all the data at that point in time.  To avoid loosing a days worth of history and new sizes, you should perform a CD backup as the very first step with the drill in the morning. 

After loading up the drill software, click the “Restore” button in the button bar at the top.  Highlight today’s date in the list of backups.  Place a blank CD-R into the CD drive.  When you insert the blank CD, the CD drive light will begin to flash and eventually turn a solid.  When it does, a menu will appear on the screen asking you what you wish to do with the CD.  Click the X in the upper right hand corner to exit out of this menu screen.

After closing out of the menu, click the “Copy Backup to CD” button in the e.lens drill software.  Follow the onscreen prompts.  When finished, the CD will automatically eject itself.

Preparing to Migrate Computers

You should next write down or mark the cables on the back of this computer.  If the port a cable is plugged into is labeled with a number, write down this number, not the position on the computer as a different computer may be laid out slightly different than your older computer.

After labeling the cords, shut down the computer and unplug the power cable.  Next, unplug the remaining cables.  Its important to unplug the power cable first, as even though the computer is shut down, power is still being supplied to many of the ports on the back of the computer (the network cable for instance). 

Once completely disconnected, remove the new computer from the shipping container and place the old machine back into the shipping container exactly as the new one was packaged.

Put the new computer in the same position as the old computer and reconnect all of the cables, being sure to use the numbering guide from the old machine.  Leave the power cord as the last cable to reconnect.

Once completely reconnected, press the power cord on the computer and start the e.lens drill software.  There will be only one user listed, named “Sysop”.  The password to enter is “system”(without the quotation marks).

Restoring to New Computer from CD

Place the backup CD into the new computers CD drive.  Wait for the CD activity light to stop flashing and you will notice a menu screen display on the computer asking what you’d like to do with the CD.  Click the X in the upper right hand corner to close this menu.


Inside the e.lens drill software, click the “Restore” button at the top.  Then click the “Restore from CD” option.  Follow the onscreen prompts.

When completed, e.lens drill will request you restart the software.  When restarted, the drill software should now have your user list and configuration data.  There should be no need to recalibrate after performing a restore, but you should use the “Test” option under “Settings” to verify that the drills are connected correctly.

You may also need to click the “Display” button at the top and set the display calibration to properly adjust for your particular monitor.

Run a test job to verify that the computer is operating correctly and then ship back the old computer to the following address:

WinVoice Development

4142 S 88th E Ave

Tulsa, OK 74145-3331