Version History
05-19-2004 OMA Protocol for E60/E80 grab job
Faster ConvertShapes
Minimum cut depth fine tune config
History search
Auto-history lookup for matching OMA fields
05-24-2004 Added extra safe positioning for multiple full events on same side
05-25-2004 Added Material Auto-Fill to configuration
Lowered c_ProbeDown to -23 from -21 for edge testing
Fixed checking OMA_MATTYPE
05-26-2004 Changed from 30 to 45 days for expiration
05-28-2004 Changed maximum base curve to be 10 from 20
Fixed event count cancel button on status window to clear opcount
06-02-2004 Added OMA protocol for E80 Tracer
06-03-2004 Changed init down spot for top probing to be 5mm higher
Changed calibration shape to be a 48x48 shape. Old calibration shapes can still be used
Fixed text on sending a tracing over to let customers know that they must hit Morph first.
06-04-2004 Added job number to the top of the lens view screen on predrill
Changed wording on predrill screen to Don't Drill from Lens to Drill
Added new Drill Demo button, which will select CR-39(or Plastic, or plastic) and sets 5.99 for the front curve)
06-07-2004 Added Chuck Height config under fine tune
Added Drill Top config under fine tune
Added Hole Size enlargement config under fine tune
Password protected fine tune
06-08-2004 Added support for Config_DiamScale_Drill.csv which allows hole diameter overrides by putting one line after another of Original,ReplaceWith diameters
If probe missed height testing, subsequent post probe manuvers will be slowed to help test against areas where lens comes to a point
06-14-2004 Improved clamp avoidance system to work on huge/barely probable lenses.
06-15-2004 Added "Verify" option to size button and "Verify size" to user security Verify allows you to place a checkmark next to the sizes you've verified work in the real world frames.
06-16-2004 Added new edrill_wait program that will start when windows starts to let the user know that they should wait until MSDE(SQL manager) finishes starting before trying to load e.lens Drill. It will simply display a screen that counts down for 10 seconds. MSDE should hopefully be loaded by then.
06-17-2004 Added new Color config option under communications options as well as new user security to access this section. This allows one to color code the various fields on the drill status screen. Added preview of events to the new event wizard add relative event screen. Added ability to adjust the base curve used for "Drill Demo" button.
06-18-2004 Added new OMA Edger/Tracer point configuration under fine tune. Changed thickness code to automatically add 1mm more thickness to help adjust for aspheric lenses to make sure that its fully penetrated.
06-22-2004 Fixed radio button's so that the enter key works like the tab key. Fixed issue with smart drill ring diameter selection charts with duplicate entries(combining all greens together) and auto-selection. Improved validator routines on entering operations to prevent mistyped entries Added hovering over events to get a small synopsis of the event details. Added ability to switch lenses on redoing a history job
06-25-2004 Added new Calibration security option Added RX Number to History search
06-28-2004 New "Drill non-verified lenses" security option. New "Replace bit after max ops" option under fine tune config Added ability to seperately perform probe and drill bit height calibration from axis and location. New "Notes" section under edit size. These notes will appear as tooltips on the displayed lenses as well as display on the status screen. Added "Notes" to the finish screen of creating a new size. New "Notes" section under edit colors. Moved unhandled exception handler into startup code rather than shellform to hopefully catch random problems that are occuring(possibly due to old thread not quite complete when logging in as a different username which may be why most clients don't experience the random problems). Used CLR Profiler to adjust the memory footprint of the application making it less prone to occupy as much memory as possible which could possibly starve the system during peak times. Also have identified memory intensive operations and freeing at better times rather than allowing for auto garbage collection. Enhanced speed of shape decoding by removing repetitive string building.
06-30-2004 Added AppDomain unhandled exception checking along with system wide try/catch to track down random error. Added SetCurrentDirectory to App StartupPath to correct scanner driver oddities under 98(which may be related to first issue) Tested using new SQL Server 2005 Express Edition and .NET v2.0.60407 Beta 1 framework. 2005 allows for databases up to 4 gigs without connection throttling and the 2.0 framework has slight speed improvements.
07-13-2004 Added notes icon when notes are available on a size. Added a increase/decrease all hole diameters for an entire size when editing a size, each up or down click changes the diameter sizes by 0.01mm. Fixed visual bug with probe at 180 referenced holes. Removed extra start-up delay on the SendCommandString function removing 150ms delay on all GetCurrentPosition commands which should make some drill operations appear smoother.
07-15-2004 Added "Ask to drill demo on unverified lens" option to edit user. Added new drill demo screen when someone hits the start button on drilling a size if the size has not been verified.
07-19-2004 Changed font on registering/upgrading screen so the fonts are more readable. Added new Replace stored shape with current function to the main predrill screen. Used passwordchar feature of text boxes requiring passwords for internal functions.
07-20-2004 When configuring the com port on a drill, the handshaking will now automatically be set to none. Calibrate and Test drill functions have been changed where they run in seperate threads to allow multidrill simultaneous usage. Changed to a 60 day expiration. Changed default machine config file to reflect non-prototype parts for setting up new drills. Added additional error logging. Added "No, continue drilling and verify size" to the unverified size dialog.
07-23-2004 Changed "Line" to say "Notch/Line"
07-26-2004 Changed status form code to use delegates rather than direct functions from the thread loop to assist in better multitasking.
08-02-2004 Fixed problem with counter sinking relative rectangular. Added "PreDrill Safe Down" option to fine tune config for labs that are having problems with hand drills slow to start up.
08-03-2004 Added "Drill NonRotate Down" value to fine tune config.
08-04-2004 Added new "QuickEdit" feature for editing sizes. This new feature brings up an editable grid that allows you to make fast changes to values such as diameter or position. The lens preview at the top can also be clicked on for placing events. Enhanced lens clicking asking if you wish to add a relative event if an event already exists on that side. If relative event is within +-0.3 Up, set to 0. Also checks if event is within a mm of the edge and asks if it should be a notch/line. Changed the QuickAdd feature of create a new size to use the QuickEdit screen.
08-06-2004 Changed calibration to use configured demo lens base curve rather than forced 5.98.
08-11-2004 Changed peck hole drilling to create a 1mm pecked hole first, then come back through and make hole larger. This should give a pathway for the material to fall out through while making the larger hole, reducing the amount of buildup. Changed calibration to ask seperately if you want to test the axis from the drill position calibration. Added ability in fine tune configuration to make larger holes by moving counter clockwise rather than the default clockwise. Added "About Job" feature to history so that you can view a jobs detail without redrilling. Added ability to select type of peck cutting in fine tune config, either standard full peck, or center hole peck then top down hole peck, or center hole peck then enlarge hole peck. Along with an option to change the amount removed in enlarge hole peck
08-12-2004 Added new "Start Up Calibration" for install techs to calibrate the rotation of the lens holding platform.
08-16-2004Added "replace shape", "morph shape", and "size notes" onto the quick edit screen. Fixed code for start up calibration rotation to avoid clamping assembly.
08-17-2004Added ability to change base curve on redrilling jobs.
08-18-2004Added forced proxy setting under communications configuration.
08-25-2004Added "Last" button to main screen to pull up the last drilled information
08-30-2004Added "Enlarge Hole Size" option on a per-material basis. You can now configure an additional +/- value for each material along with the fine tune setting to compensate for remelting and other per material factors.
09-02-2004Added ability to set how long of a delay occurs after turning on the drill and turning off the drill to compensate for new hand drills that take longer to spin up and spin down. After 30 unsuccessful attempts to probe edge, error will be returned. All notch/line movements now clockwise direction
09-07-2004Added new fine tune config option named "Max Cut Depth" that allows you to control the maximum lens thickness to cut(to prevent the flute from entering the lens). Min of 2, max of 15, default of 10. Fixed last button not greying out when requesting a job.
09-13-2004Added extra security on MakeSqlSafe function to prevent SQL injection attacks. Added patient name to E40 data entry screen for better history lookup. Added last button to E40's manual screen. Fixed E40 setting of configured demo lens base curve rather than forced 5.99.
09-16-2004Added number of jobs found in history and history search to the group box title.
09-20-2004Fixed data entry fill-in problems with E-40 model under certain conditions. Added "Pause Between Quadrants" option to material configuration. Turning this option on will bring up a prompt asking the user to clean the drill bit between lens quadrants to eliminate material build up on super-soft materials like Trivex/Phoenix Added prompt after adjusting axis during calibration to allow user to finish tightening set screws after adjustment. Added ability to do QuickCreate on E-40 model.
09-23-2004Fixed replace shape button on quick edit feature.
09-27-2004Added Aux1/Aux2 fine tune config switches to enable/disable turning on of new model drill features. Added "Restore from CD" feature to Restore. Added copying of xml config files to backup to CD. New communications routines to attempt correcting occasional null exception errors when trying to simultaneously access same port from two different locations.
09-28-2004Fixed CD backups under SP2. Clicking on the icon in the upper left hand corner will allow access to the e.lens history reporting functions. Fixed greying of quick add button when size hasn't been typed in yet on add new size.
10-06-2004Added new option in Fine Tune for "Force QuickEdit Screens" which bypasses the old wizard method and removed the "edit selected size" option from the main drill screens. Added ability to adjust/force angle on primary events.
10-07-2004Added new Reports button at the top and removed from upper left hand corner icon. Added security option to get to reports. Redesigned reports with a combo box for selecting report type to facilitate adding many reports in the future. Added new report type for "Employee Drills". Added print engine to be able to print pretty versions of on screen datagrids including alternate line highlighting, removing columns, auto totaling, paper/printer selection/memorization, and reorganizing columns. Added print engine to History, Logs, and Reports. Changed ini resources to have new report button.
10-11-2004Added "Grab Job" button to tracing screen to be able to pull a shape directly into the tracing screen to morph without having to first create a size. Changed tracing screen where when you click start it no longer requires that you have first morphed the shape. Under Communications you may now change the image used on the main drill screen. Also under communications and color configuration, you can change the drill name color. This will help multi-drill users better identify which machine they are currently working on. New "Employee Tracings" report.
10-12-2004Fixed toolbar image problem that disallowed multiple drills to remain saved when software exited. Changed status page to display drill name and icon at the top
10-18-2004Optimized gradient and other graphical routines to free resources faster to help make software appear to run smoother. Fixed Mfg/Name/Size sort on tracer screen. Added two new fine tune options. One to turn on auto-axis checking before drilling both lenses and another that will give a mm value indicating at what extent of a difference between the two probings that an error message should be displayed. Added scanner type selection to calibration profiles on e.lens scan for E80 tracer. If you click on the icon in the upper left hand corner of the software, a new option named "UnVerify All Sizes" will allow you to reset list of sizes.
11-10-2004Changed notch cutting routines for nasal lens side to always start on the outside of the lens to allow material cut a better exit route and clean up lines. Added new material option "Finish Pass line/notches". With this option turned on, it will cut a line 1/2 the diameter of the drill bit smaller, then redo the line at the full size. This can be used on trivex and other soft materials where the material tends to gum up on the first past and leave dirty lines. The second pass only using 1/4 of the drill bit takes maximum advantage of the bit. Changed "can't find lens" routine to return drill to home much faster after failure. Added "Reset to high speed defaults" for material selection. This will change materials named Trivex, Poly, Polycarbonate, CR-39, and Plastic to have all the new tested settings for those materials.
11-19-2004Added more text to drill error messages to help remind that you should move the top platform to a safe location when an error occurs. Changed Agent speaking to stop all previous speaking before moving onto the next command.
11-29-2004Added warning prior to tracing for users to make sure they are not drilling while tracing. Changed Save as New Size under tracing to be more flexible about tracing order. On About Job in History, it will display the username of who drilled the job.
12-01-2004Added new "A" button next to Adjust Up/Down on drill setup screens. This allows you to add additional adjustments to just the nasal or just the temporal on just the left or just the right lenses. This is a very powerful feature, if misused, will give the appearance of off axis lenses, so be careful. It can be turned on in Fine Tune config under the option "Advanced Up/Down". Fixed History About button to display the adjust up/down values on the lens preview. Changed cancel job button to work under delegates to hopefully eliminate instability on jobs following a previous cancel.
12-03-2004Changed drilling code to retry GetCurrentPosition once as well as retry drilling motion movements once if no returned value comes from drill. Also changed timeout period for indicating no response to recycle faster based on drill speed. Decreased minimum eyesize for drilling. Check for bad response from GetCurrentPosition and retry.
12-06-2004Added Finish pass speed down and speed side to material configuration. Added ability in advanced test mode to reset a single axis to test for limit switch error along with getting the current status of the machine. Moved maximum Y axis to 168 from 170 for replacement limit switches.
12-08-2004Modified OMA GrabJob to ask if you wish to continue processing even if a tracing isn't present in the data that comes over. Rearranged shape processing routines to be more simplified to reduce possible bugs. Optimized shape processing routines to check to see if the shape processed is the square shape and reuse a common square shape rather than recaculating it each time. Changed memory compression routines to only fire when finishing drilling a job or starting to drill a job to speed data entry and reduce garbage collector disposal firing. Removed older code blocks to reduce memory footprint. Disabled twain interface when mode is E40 or E60 to better optimize for model capabilities. Added retry on one communications interface that wasn't set to retry from 12-3 changes.
12-09-2004Added code to check for bad point sizes on shapes. If a radian is more than 3 times the size of the points next to it, then it will replace the point with one of its neighbors. Changed auto-updating feature to attempt to avoid proxy servers caching. Added "Start height adjustment at" option under fine tune config to compensate for drills who have their hand drills set too low for calibration to find the top lens point.
12-15-2004Added ability to check for left only shape sent over and flipping for OMA in fine tune config("Reverse OMA Side" option). Split up chuck height compensation into seperate right and left values. Added Flip button on E80 tracer to be able to flip the orientation of a given shape. Added ability to rotate shapes in E80 tracer mode(R button next to Flip button) Added ability in fine tune config to change position offset independantly of the rotation offset for chuck compensation.
12-22-2004Added Fine Tune options for setting the Pre and Post command delays. These delays are used before and after sending commands to the drill before awaiting responses. The longer the delays(milliseconds) the more jerky the movments of the drill seem to be but the better the drill will be at multitasking. For single drill users who do not enter new drills while current drills are running, they may both be set to zero. The leave drill on through job option when used with the new air or micromotor drills will reduce down the wear on the motors by turning the drill on after the drill has finished homing then only turn the drill off after all events have been milled. It will require a great deal more air when turned on and should only be used with the "Assume Thickness" option also turned on to avoid misprobing due to vibration. Assume Thickness checkmark added to skip the edge thickness test done by the probe and use the Minimum Cut Depth value as the thickness(which is asked for at the start of each job). This can greatly reduce down the time it takes to drill a job. A job that would take 2 minutes, 54 seconds, would only take 2 minutes, 22 seconds. All of these options combined(setting Pre/Post to zero, turning on assume thickness, turning on leave on drill, can reduce the time it takes from 2:54 to 1:29. Added option to not rotate a particular job, no matter what is currently configured for that job on the pre-drill and manual screens. Now rotates platform on setting axis screws to help reach set screws. After you confirm to start drilling, the screen will change back to the origin drill screen rather than staying at the status screen. When messages are displayed, the drill status form will attempt to set focus to itself to overcome the "hidden" message problem.
01-03-2005Further reduced retry timings and processed long term usage logs to identify possible slow downs and places to optimize communications. Added application thread pooling on drill status to be able to detect when a drill is currently running to prevent user from accidentally starting a new job while one is processing. History now stores if a job was drilled using the "Drill Demo" button, history and reports allow you to filter out demo jobs. Added option to Fine Tune config to ask for patient name if OMA doesn't send the name(under OMA options, the "Need Patient Name" checkbox). Added ability to delete stored shape. Enhanced peck to greatly reduce speed taken by fast seeking down to previous top peck location. Changed error detecting routines to prompt if drill is shut off during init. Added Home Machine button on E60/80 main screen. Added "remove shape" under size options on E60/E80 screens if a shape was accidentally replaced. During drilling operations, the pre/post command delays are set to zero since the probe is shut off during drilling which means delays aren't necessary.
01-06-2005Added ability to change probe top speed and probe thickness up speed under fine tune config. Enhanced fine tune config to be able to set a different base curve for calibration and demo lenses. Added Export Size option under Size menu on pre-drill screen for E60/80. Added fine tune config option "Don't Optimize Peck" to not optimize pecking as was added 1/3. Rearranged fine tune screen into tabs to help organize various options. Added new security option to export sizes.
01-10-2005Changed how "Drill Demo" and "Last" buttons function. When you click "Drill Demo" it will no longer change the material to be CR-39(or Plastic) and change the base curves to be the demo base curves, but the drilling side will check for the new demojob history bit and change the material/basecurve at drill time rather than selection time. This means that after you drill a demo and click the "Last" button on the drill pre screen, it will show you the base curve and material you'd selected before hitting the drill demo button. Note, this creates its own problems in that when you look at the datagrid in history that shows previous jobs, it will NOT show CR-39/5.99/5.99, it will show the "original" material and curves. About job and redrill have been modified to "fake" with current configs base curves and materials to suit. Added delete button to e.lens Calibration Profiles. Fixed misspelling of default calibration profile. Removed "export size" option pending further refinements. Added ability to show sizes that have been imported externally. Changed import to also have an option to replace existing shapes. Fixed greying of buttons while morphing a tracing. Added count of mfg/name/sizes to the About button.
01-18-2005Added "Reset OMA" button on communications screen. This button will clear out the date of the last OMA init so that your next OMA communications will redo its init phase. Use this button when your machinery interface has gone offline rather than exiting out of e.lens drill. Adapted drill routines to check for cnc "improper axis" error messages and attempt resetting axis and retrying drill command. If a text file named "UseOtherMachine.txt" is created in the edrill folder, it will use the database on the computer named ELENSDRILL. Added fine tune setting named "Show high speed defaults while editing material" under the system tab which will display the down/side numbers for the micro/air motors. This option should be left off for the Proxxons. On Edit/QuickEdit, when you close the form, it will check to see if any of the events are within 3mm of the top or bottom of the frame and recommend that the Probe 180 option is turned on for those events. This is just a warning as events that are very close to the top/bottom tend to be probing in the region where the lens curves very sharply meaning that its hard to get a good probe reading. Added Fine Tune Config option named "Distance from Top/Bottom to advise probe at 180 option" to set the value in the preceeding section(defaults to 3mm). Changed "Communications" buttons to say "Settings"
01-31-2005Reduced additional drill penetration depth from 1mm to 0.8mm. Reduced start above notch/line distance from 1.5mm to 1.0mm. Added material configuration switch to attempt swarf removal on notches. Its worth experimenting with for poly and trivex, it may, however, remove too much material while trying to remove the swarf so be aware. Added check for near top/bottom from the 18ths release into the main drill screen so that it includes Adjust 180 values. Inside of fine tune config, drill tab, added "Reset default homing positions" button that will reset calibration values for the drill in case of accidental changes. Greyed close button after hitting on test machine screen to stop accidental double clicks. Refactored the way that web and local materials/mfgs/names/sizes worked. Rather than having a completely seperate section for web, its been rolled together into the local group. This will greatly speed up initial loading of items and simplify coding to eliminate potential future bugs. This also means that the coloring on the predrill screens will move to all black rather than the red and black for the selection comboboxes. With removal of the extraneous database code and coloring code, the executable dropped by 24K and is more efficient. When running autocalibration, we now clear out any manualy created fine tune hole location adjustments to get a good clean autocalibration. Added extra feature to Optimize under Restore to go through and check for any names that don't have sizes and then any mfgs that don't have names and delete them from the database to clear out empty material. About screen now shows the number of tracing shapes into the system. Updated Import option to import shape data and to ignore blank Mfgs and Names. On predrill screen, when loading mfgs and names, the later fields will be greyed out, this will prevent users from accidentally starting to enter a new name when the mfg list hasn't finished loading up a newly created mfg. Tracer form now has the same improvements that the predrill screens have when selecting mfg/name/size. Added new "Insert" option for E60/80 that allows you to create inserts that have different hole sizes, and relative distances between events. When you then configure a job, you can select one of these inserts to override the standard holes that are created with the inserts information. This allows you to use "close compatible" inserts on jobs where doctors do not send in the proper inserts. New security option under users enables the ability to edit these inserts and "Drill using inserts" will allow a user to select an insert.
02-01-2005Fixed minor problem with creating new names after creating new Mfg's with yesterdays update. Fixed storing slower speed settings while calibrating.
02-02-2005For E60/E80, when clicking in the quick add/edit screens on the shape, you can now select to add an insert rather than a hole or notch. This allows you to create a new size in even less time. Renamed Insert to "Hardware Mountings". Added new "Hardware" button to the button bar on E60/E80. Removed off the main screen since is now on the button bar. Modified hardware section to allow creating notch/lines along with lengths and angles.
02-03-2005Fixed using Probe at 180 option when using negative In positions to work with huge Shooter frames.
02-10-2005Fixed E80 "hardware" text in button bar. Now checks on E80 e.lens tracer that a valid calibration profile has been selected. Fixed web update for hardware mountings.
02-15-2005e.lens Scanning now gives a preview as the shape/size is derived allowing one to very clearly see if there are any defects in the tracing for calibration and regular scans.
02-22-2005Changed numeric up down controls to have a wider range for A and B values(down to 16 and up to 83)(used to be 20-80).
03-01-2005Materials are now drill specific. If no materials exist for a given drill, the current default list(for drill named "Drill") is copied to each drill for backwards compatibility. This allows a user to have both an old speed drill and a new hyper speed drill simultaneously. When a drill is removed, its material list is also removed. Now attempts resend command when receiving a "Not used by this control system" message from drill in case of buffer overruns.
03-02-2005Fixed diameter sizing issue on diagonal notch/lines.
03-14-2005Changed maximum X axis position to 198 from 200, to accomodate replacement limit switches. Added repeato X axis movement to advanced test mode. Gave ability to reset each axis individualy in normal test mode. Added new "ReTrace" option to History for E60/E80 models so that you can directly send a tracing from history to the Tracer tab for sending back to your machinery interface. Fixed greying of buttons on history search when item is not selected.
03-18-2005Added counter sink options on hardware mountings for E80 and the ability to force an Over From Edge value.
03-22-2005Fixed Reports options where date filter works for Employee Drills and Employee Tracings. Changed set hyperspeed button in fine tune config to not select assume thickness and to set the "show high speed defaults".
03-28-2005Added extra error logging on unhandled thread exception to track down random freezing problem with a customer. Modified statusform to use delegates for more of the functions even if they do not affect the UI which may be what is causing the random freezes for this customer.
03-29-2005Changed drilling routines for notches that have a diameter less than the diameter of the drill bit to correctly position the end of the cut to be whatever was entered in less half the drill bit diameter.
03-31-2005Changed third drilling method(enlarge peck) and finishing pass to not attempt to make enlargement passes less than 0.01mm to correct math problems on certain exact diameters and settings(random "taking too long" on an event). If a STATUS=5 is received from OMA host(in case the lab software had been rebooted for instance), we will now try and reinit once automatically. Optimized hole code to have only one function for angled/non-angled to simplify debugging.
04-05-2005Wrapped the getcurrentposition function so that if the string is malformed \by loss of communication that it can retry the request.
04-15-2005Changed OMA code to accept INFO=0 in place of STATUS=0 for very-very-very old OMA hosts. New option under Fine Tune Config to force OMA receive as a Surface Blocker rather than Edger for very-very-very old OMA hosts.
04-18-2005Added ability to replace a shape on an existing size under Tracer feature. Changed Step One/Two emulation to put the TYPE field in for LMATTYPE on auto-selecting material. When replace shape fires from the tracing screen, every drills predrill screen will be changed to select the replaced sizes mfg/name/size and will disable any tracing that was sent over via the machinery interface.
04-21-2005Added BlockSize A/B configuration to fine tune config so that you can get a visual representation as to where the block is on the lens on the screen. Set to zero to not show block. Added two new buttons to Test Mode, one to check the probe height, the other to check the drill height. Added a new stage to calibration to calibrate just the probe position without checking axis as a lot of people are skipping axis check and if their probe has been repositioned they've not gotten a good calibration. Added a pause between cutting out the notch in the drill position calibration stage and the actual probing of the notch. This allows a user to signify that the notch was not able to be cut out and then the software will automatically adjust the Drill Down option in fine tune config by lowering the drill by 0.03 and retrying the operation.
04-25-2005Added retry if the drill returns an "F" user stop. Updated HyperSpeed button so that it sets the peck drilling adjustment to be "Center Hole Peck/Enlarge Peck" and sets the Enlarge Peck to be 0.20. Updated the Reset to High Speed Defaults button on the drill screen to disable finishing pass on Poly/Trivex.
05-04-2005Renamed "name" to "model" for defining a frame. Added hot keys on the pre-drill screen. F8 for new Material, F9 for new Mfg, F10 for new Model, F11 for new Size, F12 for Quick Edit. Added plus and minus buttons to the E80 e.lens tracing manage profile screen so that you can change a calibration value without having to rescan. Adjusted bad edge code to go ahead and drill using the min cut depth fine tune setting after three bottom probe tries or five thickness tries. Changed Quick Add/Edit where notch datagrid lines have the In2/Up2 greyed out.
05-20-2005This isn't really an update, its a fix. Apparently another company who sells combo edger/drill has decided that since their drill database was so incomplete that they would use our hard work to get their database up to a tolerable number of frames. This update deletes the utilities for backing up, restoring, and any already existing converted databases. You will still be able to backup and restore your current information through the built-in functions.
05-23-2005Fixed AskToVerify section where when you answered "No, use existing" it would turn on the drilldemo option anyway. It would show your selected material but the low- level functions would switch to CR-39 settings. This bug was introduced with the 1-10-2005 update and just discovered by a customer.
06-09-2005Modified text on calibration to note that you must use lenses, not pattern blanks for calibration. When setting an adjust180, a confirmation dialog will appear to verify that you are wanting to change the offsets. Changed "if unsure" message on near top/bottom of lens warnings. Changed hyper speed default text to reflect changes on 1-31. Fixed non-angled notches to remove excess material from edge.
06-16-2005Added Decenter Shape option to Fine Tune Config to adjust the DBL when a shape is retrieved from the machinery interface.
06-17-2005Added "Factory Reset" option to Fine Tune Config. This will reset both the fine tune settings and the calibration settings. Changed yesterdays decenter shape to also attempt centering of frame information. Added warning about lenses with an A size greater than 65mm.
06-27-2005Added "E" button to E80 tracer screen on the same line as the morph button. The E button stands for Edit, it allows you to click where you want to move a point on the shape to be. There is also a new security option to disallow using this feature.
07-07-2005Added Z-Axis repeato to the advanced test mode suite.
07-11-2005When a "7" is returned from the drill during a get-position event, the event is retried. This condition was experienced when only one event(a relative) on a whole job was set for a countersink. A simular change was made to the movement command many months ago but this was the first time it was experienced on a position command.
08-02-2005Changed front curve handling routines to correctly accept out of range base curves.
09-02-2005Changed shape rotation code to be more efficient at maintaining corners. Changed counter sinking code to correctly use the in/up values for placement of the counter sink.
10-31-2005Changed default peck depth on poly/trivex when resetting to high speed defaults to use a peck depth of 0.25 rather than 0.4.
12-28-2005Added LTYPE,OPC,THNP,THNA,THKP,THKA to the list of requested OMA fields to better adjust the base curve to match the type of lens used. Added ability to switch on/off software and frame auto-updating through fine tune config. Changed line drilling code for specific cases where the opposite value was less than the diameter of the line(minus drill bit) which created lines that where undesired. Changed countersinking to use material pecking options. Changed Hardware Mountings to Hardware Macros.
01-05-2006Added ability to filter OMA fields. Specificly for the lab software that incorrectly sends +06.75 for the FRNT field rather than +6.75.
01-09-2006Changed frame updating to be faster on already existing sizes/shapes. Added extra step to database optimization to look for and trim duplicate relative events. Fixed "Pause between quadrant" not working properly when "Leave Drill On" set bug.
01-30-2006Fixed rectangular counter-sinking. Changed message on expiration.
02-06-2006Added ability to copy security settings from one user to another.
02-13-2006Centered background grid on lens screens to help better check for lens alignment and sizing. Added option to fine tune config named "Grid Brightness" that allows you to set how bright/dark the lens grid is. Default is -0.03 for slightly darker than the background color. -0.1 produces a significantly darker grid, -1 produces a solid black grid, 0 eliminates grid, 1 produces a solid white grid.
02-27-2006Auto remove incorrect mfg name that may have been added by auto frame update. Fixed auto frame update for automatically updating shapes on calibration square propotioned lenses. Added limited VCA file import for drill points. Please do not use with the beta information being provided by Frames Data. The information provided on their CD is not yet fully compliant to the v1.0 specification.
03-03-2006Added logging for when mfg/model/sizes are deleted.
03-07-2006Added Radial Compensation to fine tune config. This option will adjust the IN event positions the further away they get away from the 180 to compensation for the angular base curve.
03-16-2006Changed default dpi on e.lens drill to be 600 rather than 800. Added adjusting of curves to macros.
04-19-2006Added new angle drill option named FABPos. It stands for Front Angle, Back Position. This allows you to create an event that is angled so that its flush with the front of the lens but the position is based on its location on the back of the lens. It is not a commonly needed feature but may be necessarily on thick lenses.
04-24-2006Added ability to export shapes as jpg files
04-25-2006Added emergency repair ability when unable to connect to database.
05-15-2006Added FromCenter line to hovering over events on lens preview. Fixed countersinking start height.
09-18-2006Probe unexpectly triggered error messages will now store the last command sent to the drill before the error occured into the log. Added additional wait states on pulling down a job using the OMA interface. Fine tune config now has button to transmit config data up to technical support.
09-19-2006Fine Tune Config now has MaxMovementSpeed setting. Default(and maximum) of 8100. This controls how fast motions on the drill go. Setting this lower will make the drill appear sluggish but if a probe is damaged and sensitive to motion changing this would allow jobs to be completed while waiting on replacement parts.
10-16-2006Added adaptive hole sizing option to fine tune config to compensate for higher speed drill small size holes. Removed forced background color on some datagrids like search and logging that where displaying oddly on non-default color schemes. Stored log entries when batches are cleared to help identify potential confusion when looking through old entries.
10-24-2006Added Drill Unit Drills to Reports to identify the number of demos and actual drill jobs on a CNC unit by CNC unit basis. Added Drill Unit selection to history to narrow down jobs done at a particular CNC unit.
10-26-2006Added logging when a size gets verified/unverified. Added backup.log to indicate when backups where created/restored/copied to CD. Fixed Pause Between Quadrants material setting when Fine Tune Config "Leave Drill On" turned on.
10-30-2006Fixed display of Employee Drills report.
11-13-2006Changed serial code to retry sending command on A movement failure. Also pauses longer after getting an incorrect position reading. These may help any machines that might have serial communication failures and help recover from mid-drill power failures. Logs will now show which command was being sent when failure occured to try and help better diagnose any problem.
01-26-2007Added configuration to e.lens to be able to adjust number of points scanned. Added code to check for bad OMA data from the host(some versions of Innovations report ? for the eyesize and blank for the dbl which caused e.lens drill to crash when trying to convert these values to a number).
03-20-2007Added JSP1 communications type to drill and tracer configuration allowing direct database connectivity to lab softwares that support the standard.
04-12-2007Changed shape point conversion and sizing routines to use a much-much-much higher level of precision. This may make things a bit slower, but the shapes will be much more attractive and make scan tracings much cleaner. Minor modifications in a lot of sections for Vista compatibility.
05-14-2007Converted everything over to .NET v2.0. Major bug fixes all around to accomodate the much picker framework when it comes to multithreading. Fixed saving new macros. Added preview window to hardware macros. Huge number of low-level changes, please contact us with any abnormal behaviors.
05-17-2007Fixed issues with hardware macro preview when database is different than default.
06-04-2007Added additional logging on OMA to try and determine a particular customers issue.
06-06-2007Added Speech checkbox under Settings to be able to disable speech.
06-18-2007Changed Vista speech engine to use built-in speech api rather than agent apis to correct issue.
06-27-2007Replaced button bar with new code stack, much prettier, faster, uses less resources. Added macro capability to E60 model. Removed extra logging that was put in place to discover the Vista speech engine bug.
08-14-2007Changed the display of the lenses to use a radial gradient to give the feeling of depth. Added code to allow extension of expiration period remotely.
08-16-2007Added under Settings->Colors the ability to change the colors on the lens screen. If you set the Lens Fore and Lens Back to be the exact same color, it uses the old lens rendering code. Added all the rest of the configurable lens colors for events and so forth. Changed the default lens fore color from white to light grey.
09-06-2007Added logging to show the current event count and at what level its set to prompt for change to track down a customers issue. Added checkbox into fine tune config under the drill tab to optimize homing. This allows one to not home on the start of every job. With this option turned on, you can discover if the lower limit switch has become dislodged creating problems with unrepeatable holes. It also can speed up the drill. The one disadvantage is the possiblity for location creep(by not homing on every start, the location can slowly start sliding one direction or another)
09-24-2007Added double check feature to e.lens tracer scanning. This greatly enhances the smoothness of a final e.lens scan by eliminating false small specs on the paper. The create calib shape button on the Tracer screen now allows you to create perfect circles and multi-sided shapes like hexagons/octagons. Changed morphing code to do less rounding to give sharper edges.
10-17-2007Created new fine tune config option named "Slow Homing" which will skip the initial step of trying to quickly move the platforms near the home position before sending the machine reset commands and home commands. This is in case there's an issue where homing may not be working correctly, this allows debug to check if there's an extent off.
11-01-2007Changed the built-in ExtraPeckDown and DrillIncreaseDepth values to no longer be the 1.0 and 0.8 that they where changed to on 1/31/2005 to be the new Extra Down value in fine tune config and both be 0.8. This will decrease the amount of time it takes to drill a job by not drilling as far extra past the thickness of a lens.
11-07-2007Added a new function that when a file named debugme is present, an additional log file is created during drilling operations that can be transmitted in. Added an additional step to calibration after cutting out the notches. Upon answering "No" to the question of the notch cutting out, it will then prompt asking if it is because of the height of the drill bit or the distance in. Previously it assumed height of the drill bit but didn't account for problems with potential problems with the probe.
11-08-2007Added "Send calibration shape" option under Settings from the drill tab. This allows E-60 customers to obtain the 48x48 calibration shape as they don't have the Tracer function.
11-12-2007Added "Out3 on Drill" to fine tune config. This allows using the auxiliary outputs on the control board if the mains are down to power the handpiece.
11-19-2007Changed the quick edit button at the bottom to read "Save/Close" rather than just "Close" to help people know where to click to exit from the screen. Added backup/restore from folder rather than just CD to save to thumb drives and so forth. Added Verify button into History to be able to verify sizes from history. Added Nasal/Temporal buttons to the drill screen so you can set it to only drill a particular part of the lens. Changed wording on the Cancel button of the status screen to indicate pressing the big red stop button on the drill in case of emergency. Added "mass change" security option and options under Mfg and Model to mass change all hole diameters, notich/line diameters, or notch/line lengths(IN2's). This allows you for instance to change all models under a mfg from a hole size of 1.2 to a 1.3 if that mfg comes out with newer inserts that are different than your already configured values. This new security option is _not_ turned on by default as it could very quickly corrupt your data.
11-27-2007Added Import(DTA) button on the Import screen to grab information from Data.dta files.
12-04-2007Added fine tune config options to set the minimum and maximum movements of the drill. Added additional logging to determine if probing/movment operations are attempting to move beyond the new configurable limits.
01-08-2008Changed logging for OMA communications for Vista machines for being able to transmit logs.
04-23-2008Fixed issue with the 2.0 e.lens drill software and character option not displaying correctly.
05-06-2008Fixed issue with verify button in history and pulling down jobs from very old version of OptiFacts.
11-12-2008 Added Counter Sink Only cut type to operations. Added ability to cut from the front of the lens after reblock. Created reblock testing functions under test mode. Added multiple configuration options for a large number of previously hard-coded values and new values and for front cuts. Changed min/max of adjust 180 to be +/- 30 rather than 20. Added PeckType configuration to material config to overridde fine tune config's peck type.
03-10-2009 Added repeato test option from fine tune config to be able to run a given job over and over again to detect problems.
04-06-2009 Added auto-coordinate creation switch in fine tune config. Changed probing to allow probe to clear bar when doing a probe at 180 style operation.
04-30-2009 Added fine tune config settings to change the wait clear time between lost serial commands. Added calibration pre and post command delays. Added calibration drill speeds.
05-15-2009If a size has been verified, you may not make any changes(edit/delete/replace shape).
05-19-2009When selecting a size from the pre-drill screen, it will indicate the last date you attempted to drill that size. Added new security option to be able to edit verified sizes(with warning).
05-29-2009Fixed issue with replace shape on tracer section created by new verified security option.
06-11-2009Added new ClipOn model Adhesive and all the associated configuration options.
06-18-2009Created new tracer settings for morphing frames.
06-22-2009Added new fine tune config option to skip template/morph selection on create new size.
06-25-2009Fixed issue with predrill screen requiring base curve when angle drilling is forced or not turned on for all events.
07-01-2009Corrected issue with replace shape under Tracer.
07-15-2009Changed ClipOn Flip style to use method#2 for relative event location. Now checking for "Eclips " in quick edit and asking if you want to recreate the size. Added Force recreate on edit in fine tune config to skip the prompt.
07-30-2009Added shape A/B/ED/DBL information when you go to History and select "About Job". Added check for if pulling down shape with tracer screen, if DBL is 0, will prompt user for DBL. Changed pre-drill screen to display "real shape" A/B/ED/DBL values when size isn't selected.
08-14-2009Fixed issue with quickedit now allows the new allow edit of verified sizes. Added quickview option.
02-15-2010Added Import(VCA) function to Import section to import Frames Data database of frames or shapes provided in VCA/OMA format. Optimized resources to reduce file size from 2.5 megs down to only 1.8. Switched to new web site for downloading updates for speedier transfers. Added imported, verified, and notes to tracer screen when selecting a size.
02-22-2010Improved optimize function to trim out unnecessary log entries.
04-07-2010Fixed issue with E40 and E60 showing CounterSinkOnly option for cut type. Selecting did not enable countersink options. Only E80s have countersink functionality so now grey out the countersink only cut type.
04-15-2010Added ability to change DBL Adjustment for ClipOn styles when creating a new size.
05-17-2010Changed ClipOn default configuration. Added dbl adjustment to ClipOn tracer morph options. Displayed original and morphed A/B/DBL values on tracer screen.
06-01-2010Increased length of size name for ClipOn auto name creation
06-18-2010Added logging when can't find lens.
07-15-2010Changed Direct communications to remove process control blocks upon sending a tracing. Added enhanced info on calibration to indicate type of lens to use.
07-19-2010Added search to the tracer screen
02-11-2011Changed rendering to get more accurate y position on screen for highly curved large eyesizes
09-18-2014Trim transaction log automatically every Monday rather than user using optimize button under restore. If optimize has never been run, this could take some time, but it will prevent potential "out of disk space" messages.
10-30-2014Add "Rename Size" option. Added ability to only show single eye in Macro edit screen.
11-25-2014Increased max number of characters from 6 to 8 for the tray number on the tracer screen
12-15-2014Added Illusion eClips selection.
12-18-2014Added Illusion button movement configuration value.
12-22-2014Added buttons for eClips Illusion temporal mounting adjustment.
10-14-2015Made Config_EstimatedCalibration_ xml file to store defaults used during intial calibration. Changed adjustment when calib can't drill out to go 0.1 rather than 0.03 further down.
02-13-2018Added ability to change probe in and out probe speeds along with wait delays. Create UseCommArray file to reuse comm ports rather than creating/disposing as used.
02-22-2019Added option to not create backups and trim logs.
05-06-2021Fixed Import OMA files when both eye shapes and C coordinate system used.

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