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Downloadable Media

File Filename Size Date
Handout v2.0 handout_2.pdf 116K 3-09-05
Handout v1.0b handout_1b.pdf 144K 3-09-05
Brochure brochur5.pdf 172K 2-19-04
Handout handout4.pdf 116K 2-19-04
Ergonomic door component sliding door ad.pdf 90K 7-12-06
e.lens Logo eldrill.gif 26K 9-29-03
e.lens drill package drill.jpg 71K 2-10-04
e.lens drill measuring device elens_measure.jpg 10K 11-02-05
e.lens drill measuring device(Large) elens_measure_big.jpg 559K 09-28-06
e.lens drill measuring device(CloseUp) elens_measure_closeup.jpg 579K 09-28-06
OLA 2005 Presentation Tom Yancy OLA 2005.ppt 26M 01-16-06
Calibration confirmation Referencecalibrationlensestest.pdf 244K 09-22-09
Advanced calibration AdvancedCalibration.pdf 363K 01-10-08
Spindle power check eDrillSpindlePowerCheck.pdf 378K 10-22-20
New Style Power Supply and Relay Installing the New Style Power Supply and Relay.pdf 922K 05-02-18
Electrical specs elensDrillMachineSpecs.pdf 478K 08-12-08
User guide UserGuide.pdf 3.4M 05-06-09
Software revision history 05-06-21
Test spindle power path 05-11-06
Disassemble the clamping assembly 03-09-05
Sliding door safety switch 09-08-06
Switching computers 03-09-05
Chuck height calibration 05-03-05

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